They're A 10, But... - The Hot or Not Adult Card Game

They're A 10, But... - The Hot or Not Adult Card Game

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They're a 10... but they won't stop flirting with your mom. How far will their rating drop? Be as judgey as you please with They're A 10, But..., the hot or not party game based on the viral TikTok trend. Here's how it works: Flick the spinner to determine your potential partner's initial rating. Depending on how high or low they start, they'll get paired with a corresponding Trait Card. High ratings get bad traits to keep them humble, while lower ratings get good traits to help give them a fighting chance. All players must reveal their new rating at the same time. You'll lose your mind when you see what some friends are willing to put up with — and where others draw the line.

Designed for ages 17+ due to mature language and references.