Merry Dissmas - Hilarious Holiday Family Card Game

Merry Dissmas - Hilarious Holiday Family Card Game

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It's beginning to look a lot like Dissmas! Introducing Merry Dissmas, the family holiday party game designed specifically to let you heckle your friends and family under the guise of holiday cheer. Kidding, it's all in good fun, and here's how it works: a rotating Diss-Master reads a card out loud to the group (for example: Who's the worst gift-giver? The chronic over-sharer? The pickiest eater?). Everyone else writes down their answer on their dry-erase boards, and then it's up to the Diss-Master to pick their favorite answer — after reading all the responses aloud, of course! It's hysterical, wholesome fun... and it'll be a holiday your family never forgets. This game is perfect for Christmas, Hannukah, and other seasonal celebrations. Bring to the big family dinner and watch as the laughter rolls in! 

Designed for ages 12+