Cuffing Season - Card Game for Couples and Relationships

Cuffing Season - Card Game for Couples and Relationships

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You've seen them naked, you've seen them angry... now it's time to see them trying to win. Cuffing Season is the hilarious card game for people in relationships of all kinds. Whether you've been together ten years, ten minutes, or are just seeing them for fun— you'll relate to this game, so go ahead and play with your spouse, hookup, friend with benefits, girlfriend, boyfriend, and/or throuple! Simply draw five Punchline Cards and have the judge read out a Setup Card. Use your Punchline Card to make the funniest pairing with the Setup to win! If your SO is the judge, we recommend using allllll that knowledge about them to pick a card that they'll love. If you're the judge, do your best to resist any promises of sexual favors if you choose their card— that's cheating!

Designed for ages 17+.