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  • TRM™: The Universal Barcode for Music

    A suite of advanced music identification software products available only from Relatable®

    Relatable® currently licenses the following software solutions to digital music and media companies:

    • TRM-B - The TRM product for mass market music service providers, music playback and management applications, and device manufacturers looking to identify individual users' music files on a massive scale. TRM-B creates a unique identifier ("fingerprint") for every sound recording it encounters by using a fixed window of audio. TRM-B can work with any codec and can creates the same fingerprint for the same source audio recording regardless of common signal distortions that may be associated with the file or such as RMS or peak-based normalization.

      TRM-B has been proven under real world conditions to maintain over 99% accuracy with query rates to the central server in the thousands of queries per second. TRM-B maintains this unrivaled performance while scaling to handle databases of many millions of song fingerprints and serving millions of simultaneous users. Relatable® accuracy, speed and scalability surpass competing solutions by several orders of magnitude.

    • TRM-C: The TRM product developed for the identification of analog and streaming media broadcasts, TRM-C features a proprietary approach to audio identification that overcomes broadcast signal degradations (i.e., time compression), streamed signal degradations (i.e., 8 kHz streams) and bypasses human intervention (i.e., cutting-off a song). TRM-C delivers a 98% mean accuracy rate in matching broadcast or streamed audio sources and delivers results in real-time.

    • TRM-D: The TRM product developed for device manufacturers, TRM-D creates an identifier based on an entire song and features a sampling approach that can be customized for any application. TRM-D can be used to identify a wide range of audio (i.e., individual digital music files, analog and streaming broadcasts) from varied audio sample sizes.

    Learn more about TRM Acoustic Fingerprint Technology:

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