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    Unrivaled Performance, Accuracy, Speed and Scalability

    Relatable® solutions outperform competing solutions by orders of magnitude and are superior with regard to the most important metrics. Here's how:

    • Exceptional Accuracy: TRM has demonstrated 99.4% accuracy at identifying millions of individual audio files. Accuracy rates are warranted for MP3 files at 96 kbps and above or the equivalent such as 64 kbps Windows Media Audio files. For streaming media analog broadcast recognition, observed accuracy rates exceed 98%.

    • Unmatched Performance: TRM is the only solution that can operate at a speed that won't impact the performance of large-scale networks. TRM features a proprietary database built from the ground up to deliver the query speeds necessary to handle the volume generated by mass-market applications and devices.

    • Unprecedented Scalability: TRM has now been used to fingerprint and track more than 13 million digital music works. The TRM server features our clustered computing solution, enabling music providers to cost-effectively scale the system as needed to handle any level of traffic.

    • The Customer Controls the Data: Unlike competing solutions, Relatable® does not insert itself between our customers and their end-user. Relatable® provides licensed access to TRM, and our software is installed on site, allowing our customers to maintain a direct relationship with their user base.

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