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    What is TRM?

    TRM is an audio fingerprinting technology that generates a unique fingerprint for an audio file based on an analysis of the acoustic properties of the audio itself. Each audio fingerprint is unique and can be used to identify a track precisely, regardless of whether any associated text identifiers are present or accurate.

    For example, with a digitized song, whether or not the song title, artist name or other related information is accurate or available, TRM recognizes the song. That's because it inteprets the kind of audio information that humans actually hear.

    TRM was developed to serve the combined interests of the growing online music community -- including listeners, record labels, new online music providers and artists. Relatable® believes one of the most exciting aspects of online music is that it allows individuals to discover new music on their own, without relying entirely on traditional marketing channels. TRM will help facilitate this emerging trend, helping to easily connect artists with their audiences and allowing online music providers to introduce music to more and more people.

    How Does it Work?

    TRM extracts a large number of acoustic features from an audio file to create a unique audio fingerprint. Each fingerprint is different and identifies the specific musical track precisely. Once the fingerprint is created, it is sent to the TRM server, which matches the fingerprint to an existing song in a customer's music database. In recent internal tests, the latest commercial version of the TRM lookup server can handle over 5000 fingerprint matches per second, or up to billions of queries per day. TRM's speed and scalability results are several orders of magnitude greater than any competing solution currently on the market.

    TRM and MusicBrainz

    A version of the TRM client was first released on August 18, 2000 to help create MusicBrainz, the open source database for music metadata (descriptive text about artist, album or track information which is attached to an audio file). Metadata is often inaccurate or inconsistent. This can prohibit online music providers (artists, major music companies and independent labels) from taking advantage of the power of the Web to introduce new music to online music listeners. MusicBrainz uses TRM fingerprints as its unique identifers in indexing its database. Relatable® continues to support the MusicBrainz project as a co-sponser, along with EMusic and Bitzi.

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  • TRM Products
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