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TRM™: The Barcode for Digital Music

Enabling Copyright Compensation for Music and Media on a Mass Market Scale

Relatable® is a software company that creates best-in-class solutions designed to solve complex problems. TRM is our suite of software solutions created for the emerging digital music channel and functions as a "digital barcode" for music and media content.

TRM creates a universal identifier that is based purely on the audio content itself and facilitates copyright compensation and personalized music delivery on the Internet. TRM can identify each and every music file a user generates or encounters without requiring the cumbersome restrictions on user behavior that are so common among most other digital rights management (DRM) solutions.

The TRM suite of software products enable the widest variety of applications for the music industry and related companies:

  • For music software and music service providers (MSPs) focused on using file-sharing technologies to build music subscription services, TRM is the essential software for enabling copyright compensation for mass market subscription services and applications on the Internet.

    Millions and millions of recordings and billions of copies of those recordings are available now on the Web. TRM is the only software that proven at identifying these existing works with near 100% accuracy. It's this track level understanding of the digital music enthusiast's existing music collection that is essential for any MSP that is looking to effectively compensate for copyrights in a file sharing environment and migrate consumers from the status quo to their respective service offering.

  • For streaming media companies and device manufacturers, TRM can be used to identify any digital work broadcast on Internet streams to gain a census-like understanding of the music that is being played on the Internet. Songs can be identified on any stream (MP3, Real or WMA) as they play, enabling consumers to search among the thousands of streams available today and instantly find the music they like that is playing right now.

  • For record labels and music marketing information providers, TRM can be used to create a near 100% accurate understanding of radio airplay, Webcasts and Internet distribution that is delivered in real-time and at a cost that is an order of magnitude less that competing systems. Because of our low operating costs, TRM allows the industry to secure real-time airplay monitoring information on any artist for a flat monthly fee, with no query limit. TRM can also be used to monitor markets in the U.S. and around the world that currently are not monitored, as well as monitor fast growing genres such as Urban, Latin and Jazz.

We're not only focused on digital music. Our advanced pattern recognition technology, proprietary database architecture and clustered computing system can be applied in a number of other markets.

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