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Relatable® helps music fans discover new music through 'Virtual Word of Mouth'

Consider the typical consumer experience in a large record store:

You enter the store and find multiple floors containing thousands of titles organized by broad categories and genres. You walk 20 yards to a specific genre and are confronted with hundreds of bins organized alphabetically by artist or title. Unless you have a specific selection in mind, you will have to pursue a task that is best left to a computer - scanning through thousands of music titles with the hope of discovering the one piece of music that interests you. At best, you'll spend a good while looking for a particular title. At worst, you'll roam around for hours without finding the music you want...

Unfortunately, most online music sites are organized in exactly the same way large record stores are: music is presented alphabetically by artist within basic categories of musical style. But it's even tougher to find what you want online. Instead of sifting through thousands of titles, you're now searching through millions of titles. You may have more choices, but who has time to go through it all?!

Relatable® offers a new way for today's online consumer to find new music.

At Relatable, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we're introduced to new music. Usually, we get recommendations through word of mouth -- a trusted friend or an old college roommate who is familiar with our CD collection, and whose musical taste we trust, introduces us to new artists and music they think we'd like.

Relatable® exciting new technology recreates this dynamic. Relatable® can learn our musical interests and introduce us to individuals who like the same music we do -- creating a "virtual word of mouth" that helps people discover new artists and new music.

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