Relatable® Privacy Policy

Relatable® supports an individual's right to secure his or her online privacy. That's why Relatable® solutions were developed to be private by design. Our technology collects no personal identifiable information, and you must opt-in to take advantage of Relatable® features.

What we collect and why:

On our Web site:
Relatable® collects your IP server address to help administer our Web site and diagnose any problems that may arise with our Web server. If you send us an e-mail, Relatable® will use your e-mail address to respond to you. But we don't send unsolicited mail. And none of the information collected on our Web site is ever sold or shared with outside organizations.

Opt-in policy:
Even though Relatable® does not collect personal identifiable information, we employ an opt-in policy. In order for you to take advantage of Relatable® technology, you must "turn the technology on" by deciding to opt-in. Once you opt-in, you can turn Relatable® features on or off at any time, or you can delete your profile altogether. But even if you choose not to opt-in, a Relatable-enabled application will still work.

Email correspondence:
Any correspondence between Relatable and an individual is strictly confidential. We never contact people with any marketing correspondence unless they request sales or marketing information.

Public forums:
Relatable makes message boards available to our users so that we can facilitate public discussions about open source product development and privacy issues. Please remember that anything disclosed in these forums becomes public information, so exercise caution when deciding to disclose personal information.

Relatable® Privacy Standards for Our Customers:
Relatable® works only with customers who share our commitment to securing an individual's online privacy. Relatable® encourages all of our customers to be clear about their own privacy standards, and we ask our customers to ensure that their privacy standards are accessible.

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