REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. - April 20, 2001 - Napster announced today that it has signed a licensing deal for Relatable's new commercial release of its advanced acoustic fingerprinting technology, TRM.

TRM uniquely identifies audio recordings based on the recording itself. TRM analyzes the acoustical properties of a recording's waveform to identify it precisely, regardless of its audio format, bit rate or minor signal distortion.

"Digital fingerprinting technologies are developing rapidly, and Relatable's new acoustic fingerprinting technology shows great promise," said Hank Barry, Napster's Interim CEO. "We are now working closely with Relatable's engineers to coordinate their technology with our file filtering systems; we hope they will be a substantial part of our overall filtering solution." Engineering teams from the two companies are working together to refine and optimize TRM so that it can be incorporated into Napster's current file screening system and into Napster's new membership service.

"TRM will help ensure that the millions of music files transferred through the new Napster system will be accurately monitored and it will enable the appropriate allocation of royalties to artists, music publishers and record companies," said Pat Breslin, CEO of Relatable. "TRM delivers unprecedented speed and can effectively scale to handle the volume of the Napster system," added Breslin.

About Napster
Napster is the world's leading person-to-person file sharing community. Napster provides music enthusiasts with an easy-to-use, high quality service for discovering new music and communicating their interests with other members of the Napster community. Napster's software application enables users to locate and share music files through a user-friendly interface, and features instant messaging, chat rooms, and Hot List User Bookmarks. In October 2000, Bertelsmann AG and Napster announced the formation of a strategic alliance to further develop the Napster person-to-person file sharing service. In January 2001, edel Music and TVT Records joined the alliance. Last year, Napster won several Wired Magazine Readers Rave Awards, including Best Music Site, Best Innovative Start-up, and Best Guerilla Marketing.

About Relatable
Relatable, a privately held company located in Alexandria, VA, is a provider of advanced content identification and personalization technologies for the next generation of digital audio and video services. TRMä, Relatable's advanced audio fingerprinting technology, delivers the accuracy, speed and scalability required for any size music network or service. Relatable's personalization technology for digital music, the Relatable Engine, features a patent pending approach - feature-guided collaborative filtering - that can help create unprecedented personalized music offerings. Relatable technologies are platform and device agnostic and can integrate with any Internet-enabled device. To learn more about Relatable, please visit our Web site at:

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