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EMusic uses Relatable's open source audio recognition solution, TRM, to signature its music catalog for MusicBrainz database

More than 300,000 audio signatures created in first full month of TRM release

Alexandria, VA, Oct. 17, 2000 - Relatable, a provider of advanced personalization and recommendation solutions for digital audio and video content, announced today that Inc., (Nasdaq: EMUS), the Internet's leading seller of downloadable music, had completed signaturing its catalog of over 125,000 MP3s using TRM, the open source audio recognition technology developed by Relatable.

EMusic's catalog can now be identified through MusicBrainz (, the Internet's only open source online music database that features audio signatures for more than 300,000 music titles. TRM's audio signatures serve as unique digital identifiers for audio files and assist online music listeners and companies in their efforts to accurately identify and find music that meets their interests. TRM (which stands for "TRM Recognizes Music") creates a unique signature by analyzing the first thirty seconds of an audio file for data values relating to 34 audio characteristics. TRM can work with any audio file format.

The addition of its catalog to the MusicBrainz database allows EMusic to build on its model of facilitating the sale of legitimate downloads of music files by improving the digital music experience for users. The unique audio signatures created by TRM ensures that users can identify music that is part of the EMusic catalog, even if a music file does not have proper text information associated with it.

"TRM will help our customers enjoy their digital music collections by making it easier to access information about their favorite music and artists," said Brett A. Thomas, EMusic's senior vice president of technology. "As MP3s become even more portable, an open standard that allows fans to keep the information about their music up-to-date will become essential."

EMusic's digital music offering spans all music genres and a wide variety of artists, including Andres Segovia, Bush, Green Day, Billie Holliday, Elvis Costello, Phish, Tito Puente, and Willie Nelson. Through exclusive licensing partnerships with over 600 record labels and artists, EMusic has been able to pioneer the market for legitimately selling downloadable music - guaranteeing that labels, musicians and copyright holders are financially compensated for their work.

"We're excited about EMusic using TRM to signature their catalog," said Pat Breslin, CEO of Relatable. "It's a strong endorsement of TRM and helps us accelerate the growth of the MusicBrainz database. It also shows that our open source effort to create a centralized resource for accurate audio signatures and music metadata is working."

MusicBrainz Database of TRM Audio Signatures Growing at a Rapid Rate

Since its release on August 18, the number of unique audio signatures created by TRM has exploded. Through October 16, the signature count increased more than 400%, with more than 300,000 signatures created. On average, more than 13,000 unique audio signatures are created every day. "Even though the database is growing fast with the addition of EMusic's catalog and the music collections of individual users, we're seeing no impact on performance." said Breslin. "Signatures are developed within four to ten microseconds per lookup."

Although some audio recognition solutions have been positioned as a copyright solution or Napster bomb fix, some of these solutions appear to be problematic because they are still under development or are not linked up with a database for music metadata. TRM and MusicBrainz address both issues and the rapid adoption demonstrates that the online music community likes what they see. With the release of the final version of FreeAmp 2.1 expected in the coming weeks, the adoption rate is expected to increase - allowing both online music enthusiasts and online music companies to work together to create a standard audio recognition solution and music database that bring order to the chaotic online music space.

"Relatable is focused on creating the next generation of online music technologies," said Breslin. "TRM helps us with our efforts by providing us with the accurate data we need to create a personalized music experience that allows online music enthusiasts to find the music they're looking for, and assist online music companies such as EMusic in introducing artists that meet users' individual musical interests."

Relatable's TRM technology and music recommendation features are integrated with the ongoing beta releases of version 2.1 of FreeAmp. Users can opt in to take advantage of TRM and to use the Relatable music recommendation features that are incorporated into the player. TRM was released as an open source solution to help support MusicBrainz, a database that facilitates the exchange of audio-related metadata on the Internet. Metadata, descriptive text such as artist, album or track information about music that is attached to an audio file, is often inaccurate or inconsistent. TRM's unique audio signatures enable MusicBrainz to recognize a music file even if the metadata is inaccurate. Relatable and EMusic are co-sponsors of the MusicBrainz and FreeAmp music player projects.

To use TRM, users can download the FreeAmp player version 2.1 release candidate 3.0 available from both the FreeAmp ( and Relatable ( Web sites. The final release of FreeAmp 2.1 will be announced in the coming weeks. Relatable joined EMusic as a co-sponsor of the open source FreeAmp project in July.

About Relatable

Relatable, a privately held company located in Alexandria, VA, is a provider of advanced personalization and recommendation solutions for digital audio and video content. Relatable-enabled solutions can work through any IP-enabled device, including, but not limited to, MP3 music player and jukebox software and Web sites. Relatable is "Private by Design:" Relatable's opt in solutions allow companies to create targeted content and commercial offerings that protect their customers' online privacy at the same time. To learn more about Relatable, please visit our Web site at:

About is a Web site for sampling and purchasing music in the MP3 format, which has become the standard in the digital distribution of music. Through direct relationships with leading artists and exclusive licensing agreements with over 600 independent record labels, offers an expanding collection of over 125,000 tracks for purchase - individual tracks for 99 cents each or entire downloadable albums for $8.99. The site also offers "EMusic Unlimited," a revolutionary new music discovery service that allows fans to download as much music as they desire for as little as $9.99 a month. features top artists in all musical genres, such as Alternative (They Might Be Giants, Bush, Violent Femmes, Tom Waits), Punk (Green Day, Pennywise, Rancid, NOFX), Jazz (Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Concord Records), Blues (John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Buddy Guy), Electronic (DJ Spooky, Sasha & Digweed), Hip Hop (Kool Keith, Blackalicious, The Coup), Country (Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline), Rock (Phish, Elvis Costello, Goo Goo Dolls), World (Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, Lee 'Scratch' Perry) and Popular Vocalists (Liza Minnelli, Eartha Kitt, Judy Garland).

Since it was founded in January 1998, EMusic has established itself at the forefront of how music will be discovered, delivered and enjoyed in the next decade. In addition to having the Internet's largest catalog of downloadable MP3 music available for purchase, EMusic operates one of the most popular families of music-oriented Web sites - including,, and IUMA. The company is based in Redwood City, California, with regional offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Nashville.

About MusicBrainz

MusicBrainz is an Open Source project that aims to provide a music metadata server. The MusicBrainz server will contain all of the metadata (artist, album, track information about music) that corresponds to the audio signatures created by Relatable's TRM technology. MusicBrainz intends to involve the Internet community to create and maintain the music metadata server so that consumers and music companies can use the data from the server without restrictive licensing agreements that are required by other metadata servers. For more information on MusicBrainz, please visit

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