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Washington Business Journal A Progressive Sound,
August 15, 2003

"[The Relatable] solution is to create a system where music can be tracked and copyright holders compensated...and technologies like those developed by Relatable offer the industry the best way..."

Washington Post Digital Rights Put To Test,
June 4, 2002

CEO Pat Breslin discusses how Relatable® 'acoustic fingerprints' serve as a digital bar code for any music file, letting digital commerce flow rather than "barring the doors" to consumers with excessive DRM restrictions.
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The Rebirth of Napster,
January 17, 2002
(review of Napster commercial beta)
"Remember Relatable, the company responsible for filtering out unlicensed MP3s using acoustic-fingerprinting technology? The technology is in full force here, analyzing the MP3s in your library as soon as you connect to the new Napster servers. It's effective, too; only two of my library's 200 MP3s were earmarked for sharing..."
CNet News Napster lifts some song-swapping limits,
June 22, 2001
"[Relatable's technology] allows Napster to continue complying with the court's injunction, while blocking only the files [they have] been told to remove."
Relatable: la rescousse de Napster,
June 21, 2001
Wall Street Journal June 8, 2001
"Relatable [software] creates the equivalent of digital fingerprints of individual recordings, special files that can be used to identify them and block them from being exchanged...[it] will be applied to the Loudeye archive to generate fingerprint files that Napster can use in the filtering process."
Reuters Napster releases new fingerprinting version,
May 8, 2001
Newsfactor Napster To Use Acoustic 'Fingerprints',
May 8, 2001
The Standard Fingerprint Technology All Over Latest Version of Napster,
May 7, 2001
Washington Post Song Swap Stopper,
May 2, 2001
Napster to Employ New Filtering System: Tech Recognizes Tunes, Regardless of Their Name,
April 24, 2001
The Register Napster looks to audio fingerprints to monitor MP3 shares,
April 24, 2001
Napster pins hopes on music fingerprints,
April 21, 2001
Internet News Napster Licenses Relatable's Technology,
April 20, 2001
USAToday Napster to use sound patterns to block songs,
April 20, 2001
The Standard Napster Inks Deal With Digital Fingerprinting Firm,
April 20, 2001
Reuters Napster to Use Fingerprinting Technology,
April 20, 2001
Washington Post Napster's Latest Move: Will It Stave Off Legal Checkmate?,
April 20, 2001
Streaming Magazine An Intimate Relationship with Music Promotes Relatable's 'Virtual Word Of Mouth',
December, 2000 Issue
"Companies like Relatable are going to bring the music industry more money than ever thought possible."
Internet World EMusic Counts on Technology, not Courts, to Defend Content,
November 21, 2000
"[T]he infringement-finding system the songs, and compare them with the original files. EMusic calls this aspect of the technology "acoustic fingerprinting" and credits Relatable for providing the open source from which the technology was built."
Tech TV Relatable: Open source audio recognition,
October 20, 2000
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The Tuck Shop Uses Relatable Technology on 125,000 MP3s,
October 18, 2000
Steaming Media EMusic and Relatable Team to Offer Open Source Audio Recognition Solution,
October 17, 2000
The Tuck Shop Launch Music Database,
September 13, 2000
The Tuck Shop Relatable To End Incorrect Audio File Names?,
September 7, 2000

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