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All Media Guide and Relatable Announce Deal
Relatable building 5 million song fingerprint database from All Media Guide extensive music archive. See the joint press release.

TRM IDs Songs on Neuros Portable Music Device
Relatable and Digital Innovations launch portable device with automatic song identification. Read the press release.

Relatable in the News
Washington Business Journal
Relatable seeks to monetize chaos and manage music copyrights.
The Relatable role as 'Digital Rights Put To Test' in policy and practice
Relatable 'in full force' in Napster commercial beta

TRM™: The Universal Barcode for Music

Relatable® is a leading provider of advanced content identification and personalization technologies for the digital delivery of audio and video content. Relatable® technologies help create a new level of personalized commercial entertainment services.

Our two core technologies are for the digital music and media industry:

Relatable® TRM™

TRM™ advanced acoustic fingerprinting technology is a leading solution for identifying digital music and media files. TRM™ recognizes songs and audio content based on the acoustical properties in the audio itself, and has been developed to achieve maximum accuracy in discriminating between different songs, as well as identifying each and every digitized copy of a recorded song, regardless of audio file format, bit rate or common signal distortions. TRM™ delivers unprecedented speed and can scale to meet the needs of any size network.

Relatable® Engine

The Relatable® Engine features our patent pending personalization and recommendation technology for digital music -- feature-guided collaborative filtering. The Engine combines user preference analysis with an analysis of the content properties of the music individuals listen to such as a song's genre, beat, tempo or acoustical properties. This combination of user preference and music property analysis results in a much higher accuracy rate in terms of recommending new music that meets a user's interests. The Engine can integrate with and learn from any Internet-enabled device that delivers digital audio.

Relatable® is also a proud co-sponsor of the MusicBrainz project, along with™. If you would like to learn more about Relatable, please contact us at

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